Unsecured Loans Terms


We have compiled a group of some relevant terms related with personal loan financing. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Balloon Payment
A large final payment due at the end of a loan or lease. (Allows a lower monthly payment.

The repayment of a loan or debt in regular payments. Each payment is split into a primary repayment and an interest fee.

The pledge of a valuable item, like a home or car, to guarantee repayment of a loan.

Acceleration Clause
Allows the lender to speed up the rate at which your loan comes due or even to demand immediate payment of the entire balance of the loan should you default on you loan.

Compound Interest
Interest payable on income and its accumulated interest. On the contrary, simple interest which is paid only on the principal.

Property and possessions that can be used to secure a debt.

Consumer Credit
A loan to an individual to purchase goods and/or services for personal, family or household use.

A credit-worthy person, other than the borrower, who agrees to repay the debt if the borrower fails to do so.

Credit Profile
A picture of how you (as an individual) paid back the companies you have borrowed money from, or how you have met other financial obligations.

Contract by which the owner of property allows another to use it for a specified time, usually in return for payment.

The decline in value of an asset over a period of time.

A fixed payment made monthly, known as Equated Monthly Installments.

An arrangement that allows a person to receive cash goods or services now and pay for them in the future.

The capital sum as different from interest or income.

Lending Rate
The interest charged by the financier on the amount financed.

Margin Money
Financiers do not fund the full value of the asset. They expect the customer to bring a certain % of the asset as margin. This is called Margin Money.

Loan Tenure
The time duration for which a loan has been provided.

Chance or danger of a loss of capital and or interest in financial transaction.

Stamp Duty
Government levies a duty on certain legal documents and financial contracts.

Statutory Charges
These are charges like stamp duty, sales tax etc which are imposed by the government.

Standing Instructions
Instructions to a bank to debit a fixed amount from your account and pay your financier.



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